I hate Internet Explorer

UPDATED: Thanks to Jayden’s Mummy, I fixed the problem. She said its the slide.com which caused the sidebar to drop down below. I checked and checked, its actually also related to the slide.com but it was caused by the “div” HTML code accidentally placed in front of slide.com’s codes which caused the sidebar to drop down below. This bug only exist in Internet Explorer. So I strongly recommend all to use Firefox! Thank you Jayden’s Mummy!

Why Internet Explorer always screw up my blog template ah?? Why why? Despite all modifications to the sizes and so on, but the sidebar still goes down below.

Internet Explorer – Sidebar goes down to the bottom of the blog.

You see with Mozilla Firefox, I NEVER get such problem. BUT, I still need to fix it because majority of Internet users in the world uses Internet Explorer. I can’t be instructing my visitors to download and install Firefox just to view my blog right. At this moment, the problem still exist. It happened before, but I fixed it, but now it happened again and I can’t fixed it. *Frust*

Mozilla Firefox – No problems with sidebar. Firefox RULEZ!!

Any PHP web programmers or CSS experts out there can help me or tell me why is Internet Explorer behaving like this?

Got hit by another tag wor…

This morning I found out I got tagged again, this time by Joshua’s Mom. This time there’s more questions and lengthy answers. I think I’ll just cut and paste and remove the answers and put in my own answers lah, faster.

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Happy Full Moon, Baby Roxy

Raelynne attended her first full moon party yesterday afternoon. It was her baby cousin sister’s full moon party. Baby Roxy celebrated her full moon about five days earlier because her actual full moon was this Friday, which is not really convenient to have a celebration. So her parents celebrated it earlier on the weekend.

Sleeping, sleeping and sleeping…

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New stroller

Yesterday evening we decided to bring Raelynne out for “kai kai” at a shopping mall. We left the house around 5pm and arrived within 10 minutes. At first we used the stroller that was used by our nieces and she sat quietly inside. We went to the shopping mall because we had to buy something for Baby Roxy who will be celebrating her full moon today. Throughout the whole time, Raelynne sat quietly inside her stroller and didn’t make any fuss about it. In fact I think she enjoyed looking around. Then after about an hour, she fell asleep in her stroller!

Imagine, at home, with the slightest sound, she would wake up from her sleep, but in the shopping mall where its much more noisier, she can sleep so well. While she was sleeping, Mummy and I had our early dinner at Burger King. Then Mummy and I were talking about the stroller she use and its not comfortable for her because it can’t go down all the way, thus cannot have a full sleeping position. Furthermore, the stroller’s padding is also almost worn off and can feel the metal support at the back.

After dinner, we went to a departmental store to look for the baby head support. Instead of buying the head support, we ended up buying a stroller! I saw one which looked so comfortable for her but the price was more than RM400. My wife said just buy a simple one so as long as can recline in full sleeping position. So, at last we spotted one that we both liked and the damage to the pocket was RM199. I guess it was reasonable.

Immediately after paying for it, we transferred Raelynne over to her new stroller. People were looking at us, how come one baby but got two stroller one. I think Raelynne immediately liked her new stroller and since there’s a mini table attached to the front, she put her leg up there like a big boss! She was also curious on the mini opening of the shade where it allows light in and also for parent to see through the shade.

We went home around 8pm and then it rained! Lucky, lucky! After changing her and feeding her, she refused to sleep. She watched tv for almost one hour and lastly we decided to put her into the sleeping swing and she immediately slept.

I think it was a good experience for her since this is probably one of the first time that she went kai kai for few hours. The previous sessions only lasted for an hour or so.

Raya Holidays

Two days of Raya holidays were well spent at home with my wife and daughter, although most of the time Raelynne is sleeping. We learnt a lesson from last year Raya holidays where we went to the shopping mall, and fuiyoooo so packed, unlike KL where its normally all quiet. But this packed is not the normal crowd. Its all the PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) crowding all into the shopping mall. It was so smelly and so forth and you would have thought that you are in their country. So many of them lepak-ing around. So this year we decided to stay away from any shopping malls, what more with Raelynne around.

We didn’t do much on the two days holidays except yesterday my wife and I went out together to get a few things from the supermarket and on the way back stopped by an aquarium shop and bought a few “Pearl Scare mollies” fishes. Then yesterday night, we had dinner with my in-laws, but as usual, with Raelynne around, we finished up the dinner quickly and went home as she wanted to sleep already.

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I was tagged by a Mummy blogger, Sasha last Friday. This is my first tag since our blog started.

4 things many don’t know:

  1. I can’t swim
  2. I started playing computer since 5 years old. That time in the 80s, it was an IBM AT computer. Digger and Buck Rogers was the most famous game at that time.
  3. I had an accident which requires few stiches on my head. This accident was caused by my dog who ran and knocked me down and my head hit the edge of my father’s car’s number plate.
  4. I don’t eat durian, in fact I don’t eat most local fruits except watermelon 😛

4 movies I could watch over and over

Any comedies that can knock me off my balance

4 places I have lived

  1. Tanjung Aru Beach, Kota Kinabalu
  2. Melbourne, Australia
  3. Luyang, Kota Kinabalu
  4. There’s only three places I have lived before wor…

4 tv shows I loved

  1. CSI Miami
  2. CSI New York
  3. CSI Las Vegas
  4. Selected Chinese/TVB drama serials

4 places I have been for vacation

  1. America (5 years old)
  2. New Zealand (can’t remember when, still small mah. Parents bring one)
  3. China – major cities, including Shanghai with my wife for honeymoon
  4. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Medan, KL, etc. (4 places not enough to list the places I went for vacation leh…)

4 of my favorite food

  1. Chicken chop
  2. Fillet steak
  3. McDonald’s

4 places I rather be now (which my Wife also would like to go)

  1. Maldives! Especially in W Hotels Retreat and Spa
  2. Bora Bora
  3. At home with my wife and daugther
  4. There’s only three places I’d like to be now… maybe fourth one will come up later 🙂

4 favorite songs

  1. Give me forever I do – James Ingram and John Tesh (The wedding song of my wife and I)
  2. Selected Kenny G’s instrumental jazz
  3. Selected Dave Koz, Warren Hill, Spyro Gyra, Acoustic Alchemy, Larry Carlton, Dave Grusin, Rippingtons (All Jazz instrumental)
  4. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – Ryuichi Sakamoto

To keep this going, I’d like to tag:

Raelynne is four months old

Two days before Raelynne turned four months at my cousin’s wedding

Raelynne turned four months old yesterday. I guess in terms of facial features, everything remained the same as last month, except that she probably has less hair now since its all dropping off and new hair are growing. She still haven’t start to sleep through the night yet but her night feeding definately has reduced to probably one or two times only.

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