Back to work

After being off for two days, I’m back to work today for half day. I’m already missing Raelynne at home after the two full days spent with her. This morning when I say bye bye to her, she gave a sad face with her mouth bended down. I hope she doesn’t cry after I left as my wife said sometimes she would cry not long after I left the house. Anyway, it will only be half day today, so I get the whole afternoon and whole day tomorrow with her again.

So far, I think she’s getting better already. Hopefully her runny nose will be fully disappeared today. Last night we still sleep without having the aircon turned on, but it was so hot. The thunder was making noise, but then no rain! No wonder so hot. It only rained a little bit.

Yesterday morning we were at home and then afternoon we went to the “Guan Yin” temple about 10 minutes from our house. It was so quiet and no one is around. So we just bought some joss sticks and left the money there. I guess no one will rob a temple? The last time we went there was when Raelynne was one month old (full moon time). There was an old lady there, more than 80 years old taking care of the temple. The temple itself is more than 100 years old.

The temple’s compound and front entrance

A more close up shot of the temple.

After praying, we went to a nearby shopping mall as we wanted to buy a few suppliers for Raelynne, especially the eucalyptus oil and baby cotton buds. Tried to find this oil in the pharmacy, Guardian and Watson, but only the local Parrot brand is sold. We actually wanted the one made in Australia called Euky Bear brand, which is a better one. Raelynne was sitting in her stroller and didn’t make much noise. Since the last outing, she was sweating, this time we brought along her portable fan and attached to the stroller. Wah! Most people thought how lucky and pampered she is sitting inside with fan blowing her. One guy even told his friend “Wah, tengok tu, ada kipas tiup itu baby” (See, got fan blowing the baby).

Since we couldn’t find the oil, we decided to go to another departmental store in the city. By this time, Raelynne already sleepy and slept. At Home and Garden store, we finally found the eucalyptus oil. It cost about RM10.50 per bottle. Its actually quite effective for relieving nose block. Even I used it sometimes.

After that we went home and Raelynne was already awaken by then. When we reached home, my mum greeted her and she was smiling all the time, maybe she enjoyed her outing…

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9 Responses to “Back to work”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Such a caring Daddy you are, only 1/2 day you sound so missing your lil.Raelynne…

  2. Julian Says:

    Hehe, spent two full days playing with her, then suddenly go back to work. Miss lorrr… šŸ™‚

  3. huisia Says:

    The temple outside has the fragrance from don’t know what name tree, did you have that pleasant smell when you reached there?

  4. Immomsdaughter Says:

    Glad to hear Raelynne’s recovering from her flu šŸ™‚

  5. Annie Q Says:

    I also using that eucalyptus oil-Euky Bear brand for my sons.Yes very effective!Normally if they wind in their stomach, i will put the oil on my palm and rub rub rub till warm and press on their stomach,they feel comfortable.Till now my sons still use it,normally after bath i will rub some on their tummy.

  6. David Leong Says:

    Dear Julian
    Many thanks for speaking so highly of our Euky Bear Eucalyptus oil. We are the manufacturer of the Euky Bear brand for export and the Bosisto’s parrot brand for sales ONLY in Australia & NZ.
    We also have the Euky Bearub ointment which is very effective for children colds.
    Our export brand “Euky Bear” is now sold in Malaysia and Singapore. Please contact :Mr Richard Wee of Delfi Singapore for the nearest stores for our Euky Bear products.

    Once again many thanks for your support and good faith in our product.

    David (Chairman)

  7. David Leong Says:

    Sorry Richard Wee email is
    Dulfi Singapore Pte Ltd
    7 Gul Circle #02-01 Keppel Districentre Singapore 629563
    Office +65 64904300

  8. john leong Says:

    Euky Bear (West Malaysia) Distributor contact:
    Elite Natural Priducts Sdn Bhd
    Contact person: John Leong
    Lot 6,jalan halba 16/16, section16,
    40200 Shah Alam, Malaysia
    Office:603-5510 7972

  9. john Says:

    Euky Bear Malaysia website has come to live.

    For more products information, please visit

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