From Saturday onwards, Raelynne’s runny nose has disappeared and since then aircon is back in operation again but the temperature is kept at around 29 C, which can still be chilly during midnight and early morning. We didn’t do much on Saturday afternoon, since we have already been going out for the past two days when I was off. Spend most of the time at home. Finally I managed to take a photo of the new stroller which I posted on 29th October.

New stroller. Notice she’s looking up at the small window?

There’s nothing fancy to shout about with this stroller, except the colour is orange (no other colour to choose mah). For the price we paid, can’t complaint much. But this was definitely better than the previous stroller she used because this one can fully recline to sleeping position, which is more comfortable for her age now. Sitting in this stroller can be a bit hot if not in air conditioned place, which is why we attached the fan to it. Raelynne is always fascinated by the small window opening at the top of the shade where parents can look through and see the baby. Instead of us looking through, she looks up, maybe because there’s light coming in. Every time we put her inside, she would always look for this window, even when its close. She knows and remembers there’s a window there.

I tell you, using a stroller is like driving a car. Not easy to control especially in tight areas in the shopping mall. My wife still have some difficulty with it, which is why most of the time, I’m the “driver”.

Anyway, enough about stroller.

Sunday didn’t go anywhere except to my in-laws. Actually, just an excuse so that we can drop Raelynne off there and we go “pak toh” and indeed a very nice “pak toh” we had. We went to the new Warisan Square complex where most of the branded shops are now located like Quiksilver, Roxy, Charles and Keith, Esprit, Baleno and many more. Secret Recipe also just recently opened there and it was full of people. That was like 3.30pm. I guess this happens when there’s a new outlet open in the city.

Later in the evening, we had dinner with my in laws before heading home. Raelynne was already sleeping when we were having dinner. I think she didn’t sleep much and was a bit cranky because the dog in my in law’s house woke her up.

Oh ya, these few days Raelynne has been whinning, like a cute little puppy… does this happen to your kids? I think she’s getting more “manja” already…. 🙂

3 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. Annie Q Says:

    Finally that new stroller picture is up!heehee..my neck also getting long! Haha

  2. huisia Says:

    Warisan Square complex, where is it?

  3. Shannon Says:

    finally a fuill photo of the stroller…. she looks so comfortable…. somemore can ‘kiau ka’… so cute….

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