Something to ponder…

Received via forwarded e-mail. Normally, I would just delete them, but this statement caught my eye.

“While I was having my dinner with my friend, Joan, she told me that she will usually buy a present for her mom on her own birthday. I was quite puzzled with her answer because as most of us nowadays would think that, a birthday person would receive presents from our parents and friends. Thus I asked her the reason for it. Her answer is just so simple that most of us don’t realize it. According to her “Our birthday is the day where our mother suffers the most as they endure hours of labor pain during giving birth to us on the day we were born. Therefore I would present her with a gift to show my gratitude for giving birth to me and cared for me since I was born’. With Joan’s simple answer, it just let me realized that how many of us are doing this for our parents on our birthday.”

So we should start buying presents for our Mothers on our birthday.

Happy Birthday Poh Poh!

Today is my Poh Poh’s birthday (Mummy’s mother). Daddy and Mummy brought both Poh Poh and Kung Kung to the hotel restaurant where Daddy work. When we reach there, I was so happy just like this morning when I went to see my paed.

At home before going to dinner. My dress nice or not?

Everyone had buffet dinner there and as usual, I don’t like to sit anyone who carry me to sit down. They must carry me and walk around so that I can see things. If not I will whine and worst, cry. So Mummy carry me while Daddy eat and then Daddy carry me while Mummy eat and then Poh Poh carry me while Daddy and Mummy eat.

By 8pm, I start to become cranky already because I am sleepy and I can’t find my bed to sleep. I must sleep in my bed one else I will not sleep. So I start to whine and whine. Why still haven’t go home yet one? I’m sleepy. Please take me home so I can sleep. The staff at the hotel there all like to talk to me and smile at me. Since I’m sleepy already, I don’t feel like smiling lor. I can see Daddy ask the staff fast fast take the cake out cos he know need to go home and put me to sleep already.

Poh Poh’s chocolate cake looks yummy…

Poh Poh cutting her birthday cake where Daddy order from the hotel one. Double chocolate wor!

Almost all the restaurant staff came out with the cake and started singing birthday song to Poh Poh. Mummy and I were not near Poh Poh lor, cos I’m cranky mah. I want to “oi oi”. After sing song, Poh Poh blew the candle and cut the cake. Daddy want Mummy and me inside photo, but again I’m cranky mah. So end up in the photo only got Poh Poh inside there.

Anyway, Poh Poh ah, Happy Birthday ah… sorry I’m not in the photo with you, as you know, I’m cranky already there. Next time must have dinner at 6.30pm already, not later than that.

Happy Birthday Daddy and “Kor Kor” Ryan


Mummy and I wish you a very happy birthday, Daddy! And not forgetting “Kor Kor” Ryan’s birthday as well. I really would like to wish you personally, but as Mummy and you know, I still can’t talk, I can only make sounds 🙂


Daddy, Daddy…!

Yay! (Punching fist in the air) Its your birthday today…

*Giggles* I’m so happy for you…

Sorry Daddy, I was having hiccup when Mummy take this photo so no smiling face lor

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Today is Mummy’s birthday and Daddy brought Mummy to @mosphere Restaurant (the one can turn around one) for lunch. As for me, “Poh Poh” (Grandmother) took care of me in her house in Donggongon. What to do, I am still too young to go out and enjoy with Daddy and Mummy. They are afraid that I will cry and distrupt their lunch. They don’t want to go out for dinner because I have to stay at home preferbly before 6pm due to the “Ghost Festival” month. So it is not recommended for small baby like me to be out late at night.

When Daddy and Mummy came and fetch me, I heard Daddy said the food quite nice at @mosphere except for the dessert. The chocolate fondant taste better at Le Meridien than @mosphere. Daddy also said the restaurant was spinning around quite fast and that make Daddy dizzy a bit. Anyway, what do I know about all this? I’m only a baby-mah.

Mummy and me together
I like to be carried this way…

For Mummy’s birthday this time, Daddy bought her a new Nokia 6233 mobile phone to replace Mummy’s old mobile phone. Daddy gave Mummy the mobile phone the night before. When Daddy came home, he went upstairs and stay in the room for quite sometime. Don’t know what he was doing there. Then I found out Daddy put the mobile phone with the card on the dressing table. After dinner, Mummy want to carry me upstairs to sleep but Daddy said let me sleep for few more minutes and ask Mummy to take my baby things up first. Mummy went up and was in the room for 10 minutes. Then she come down smiling and kiss Daddy and said thank you. She said Daddy very cheeky, pretend and make excuse to let me sleep longer. Actually Daddy want Mummy to go up first and find the present on the dressing table. Mummy was happy she got new mobile phone. I’m sure she will play games with it when I am sleeping.

Mummy’s birthday cake
Mummy with Reyanna “che che”, Rianne “che che”, Aunty Yang Ching

This will be my first time celebrating Mummy’s birthday and there’s many more to come. Daddy bought a cake on the way home from Poh Poh’s house and celebrate with all my “che che” (sisters) cousins at home. Its a pity Rachel “che che” fall asleep before she could sing birthday song to Mummy. As for me, I was already fast asleep when they all sing birthday song and eat birthday cake. Afterall, I can only drink milk and cannot eat anything solid yet. So its ok-lah.

A family…

With Baby Raelynne joining us, we can call ourselves a family now. Having a child completes the definition of a family. Raelynne has now entered her third week since birth and she is really growing up fast. Getting a bit naughtier as well. Both my wife and I will have more responsibility as parents to Raelynne. There’s a lot to learn from our parents on bringing up children.

Raelynne 3rd week
Raelynne 3rd week

Raelynne 3rd week

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