The end of The Beginning

As requested by a few readers who left a comment at “The Beginning” post, I decided to blog about the ending which was screened last night.

My wife and I attended a wedding last night but for various reasons, we left early from the wedding, mainly because Raelynne was at home with my Mum and I also want to catch the final episode of this drama.

It was a happy ending afterall. The last episode went back to what was shown in the first episode. In the first episode, Fang Yu Cheng, Shi Jia Ning and Tie Tou were at the rooftop where Yu Cheng was helding Jia Ning hostage. After some fighting between Yu Cheng and Tie Tou, both of them fell off the roof top. Yu Cheng landed on the road, while Tie Tou landed on a lorry filled with mattresses which more or less saved him.

However, Yu Cheng did not die instantly and was in the ICU. But in the end, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away. Before that, he promised Ting Li that he would cure her eye sight and promised to let her see the world. Ting Li was blinded when she fell and some shattered glass injured her eye sight.

So what happened was that Yu Cheng donated his cornea to Ting Li before he died. He told Ting Li that he wanted to repent long time ago but could not turn back from what he has done. I guess the last thing he could do to repent is to donate his cornea to Ting Li. As for Tie Tou and Jia Ning, they are finally together again in the end, watching the shooting stars.

I guess the ending is quite normal. It also didn’t touch about what happened to Hua Kang, the company that Yu Cheng manages for his uncle and what happened to the two brothers Zhi Yang and Zhi Rong.

Next week, there’s a new drama replacing The Beginning. I just wonder if it would be as good as The Beginning. From the preview, doesn’t seem like it…

The Beginning

thebeginning.jpgAre humans born good natured?

Some people can bring themselves to forsake kinship and love and resort to despicable methods for selfish gains, fame, and money. And some people lose their happiness while they are caught up in their plot for revenge. In actual fact, only by returning to one’s earliest and most innocent days will one experience true gladness.
*Extracted from The Beginning Microsite –

Have anyone watched “The Beginning” on NTV7 every weekday from 9.30pm? I have been following this episode since it premieres on 16th October. Its a Malaysian production and in my personal opinion, probably one of the best drama I have watched. Its almost as comparable as a Hong Kong TVB drama. Its in Mandarin and probably would help me brush up my Mandarin skills 🙂

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