Sick baby


Raelynne seems to have improved by this afternoon. Her temperature reading is between 37.0C to 38.4C, however a couple of hours ago, her temperature seems to be in a region of 37 C only which is a good sign. Just that she’s still cranky and “manja”. The other good sign is that she’s also takes her milk as well although now its 6 hours between feeding compared to previous every 4 hours. Who knows after she gets well, she will maintain this 6 hours in between feeding, which would mean that she may sleep through the night. I spoke to her paed around noon time and inform him on Raelynne’s progress. With the information I gave him, he said it is not required for her to see him this afternoon and can continue to give her panadol suppositories every 4 hours to get her well.

Since I don’t have much to do this afternoon, I decided to scrap a bit. This scrapping is can be quite addictive eh?

Happy 2nd Anniversary


This will be a one day advanced post now that Raelynne is not feeling well and I anticipated that I won’t be on the Internet as much. On Thursday, 7th December 2006, it will be our 2nd wedding anniversary. Yes, two full years since our wedding day. Last year, Raelynne was still in Mummy’s tummy, so we get the chance to go out and celebrate. This year, we wanted to send Raelynne to my in-laws and both of us go “pak toh”. Looking at Raelynne’s situation, I think we will have to postpone it until she gets better. So we probably gonna spend our anniversary at home looking after Raelynne. I will be on leave as well as I planned this celebration beforehand, not knowing Raelynne will fall sick on Tuesday.

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Bringing joy to old folks


Yesterday, my company organized a charity visit to the Sri Pritchard Old Folks Home about 20 kilometres from the city. It was part of our company’s “Care for Community” programme. We got there around 10.30am and most of the old folks were already gathered at the hall. It is nice to see that they were happy that they were visited. I think they felt quite lonely staying there although they have other friends. Some of them were as old as 96 years old, like the scrap I did above. He is 96 years old and still quite healthy. The only problem is that he can’t walk because he fell down before. He was also very positive and a happy chap. He was happy to see us and proud to tell us his age.

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Turning time!


For the past few days, Raelynne has began her quest to turn and roll herself over. So far she’s only managed to turn over half way but since yesterday and especially this morning, she managed to turn her body fully except her hand is blocking her and had some difficulties of lifting her head.

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